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Tracking and sharing of personnal information in part of internet’s job description!

It all started back in 1960’s when people of great stature wanted to share information between computers for scientific and research purposes. Then came the emails in late 70’s and early 80’s, specially for use in universities, sharing ftp and research libraries. In early 90’s was the first ever user friendly access to internet released. Along with the governmental use, more commercial use was seen. More companies used internet to route from one site to another in mid 90’s. Commercial advertisements and services increased in early 2000. Myspace and Facebook was founded in 2003 and 2004 respectively, a social era started taking shape.

The internet is a tool of convenience and security is its last priority. Now more than 8 hours are spent by an average child on the internet. None of the organizations, be it government or private, wants to stay away from it. Everyone is willing to go online and on the terms of sharing personnel information.

You login to Facebook or Twitter, other websites are asking you to join their website using your social credentials, Facebook or Twitter. What most people don’t know is authentication process is in their initial phases of discussion. Chances are you have many people tracking your browsing habits in the form of spyware, scripts, and maybe even through a camera! With this kind of information, a person from anywhere on the planet can figure out who you are, where you live and much more personal information.

The era has changed, the growing number of users on the internet is making companies go from providing services to tracking your behavior on the internet. It is billions of dollars of industry to know what the user is doing and its needs and liking. Whether it is with your consent you authorize websites to share information or without. There are always some crawlers on the internet which crawl on you unnoticed. Firefox released one app to know who is tracking you, Collusion. It tells you in real time which websites you visited and who is following you from there.

The image above is my browsing history and who is tracking me. Couple of hours into my browsing I have noticed some unknown crawlers wanting my information. They help advertisers and marketers if that crawler is a ethical one. Some may want to crawl for scams, we need to be aware from those types. But the real questions are

  • How will you know who is tracking you?
  • And in those crawlers which are a scam and avoid them?

At the end of the day my Collusion was shocking. The ratio between the sites I visited to the sites which were tracking me was 1:2.

Let us be aware of what we do on the internet. Let’s not give private information to websites we don’t trust that much. Even providing birth date to website can cause you for your life, beware !!!


Big Data an African Elephant with speed of Cheetah

Today we are dealing with 2.5 quintillion bytes of data, so much so that we created 90% of data in the world today in the last two years. In 2011 alone humans created 1.8 zettabytes of data? That would be equivalent to 200 billion high-definition movies that are at least 120 minutes long. It would take one person 47 million years to watch all those movies. So the data is heavy and we are facing a rat race today. If you want to win the race, you have to be fast in your analytics. The data which was taking 3 weeks earlier should be ready in 10 minutes.


What are the statistics?

  • 150,000 new domains are created each day.
  • 1 hour of High Definition video is uploaded on youtube every second.
  • 12 Terabytes of tweets every day.
  • Millions of credit card transactions each hour.
  • 350 million new queries are crated by users each day to search the same item.

Speed and Agility..

Did you know an African Elephant can weigh about 5000 kg, and a Cheetah can run at top speed of 74 mph? Big Data is about combining both, letting an African Elephant run on I-95 with a speed of Cheetah.


Stop thinking and start implementing…

Big Data is bursting amount of data. That data will gives you immense amount of information. With data that huge, we can draw patterns and predictions. And a company can come up with business strategies from those predictions. If you need to stand out in the crowd you have to start implementing Big Data Analytics.

Entrepreneurs secure your family with three things and startup!

Family comes first, its a known fact. At the end you find comfort either in your parents, partner or children. Whoever is close, you want to share everything with them from your achievements. You trust them on your life and would like to see them with you when you reach the top.


At the same time you don’t want to bring hardship to them. As an entrepreneur you always want to take risk. You can put everything on the line while chasing your dream. But can you see your family going through ruff time?

This is one of the sad factors why startups fail. There are a lot of things that can disrupt a entrepreneur’s personal life. Illness, death of a family member, divorce, relationship trouble, and problems with a child are just a few of the many issues that can affect a person’s mindset. When things like this occur, moments of clarity are replaced by stress and anxiety.

Tough times should be counted before you hit the road. Security, security and security are three things you can do to take care of those anxious moments. Have at least one year’s pay saved up. Or have a steady income from some property or family business. This can take care of medical bills, food and stay for you and family. This is best for you to concentrate on business strategies. 

If this steady income is kept for family, entrepreneurs can startup nil. Having nothing left for business and raising the bar from ground zero. Because VC’s and Angels are interested in your business plan and will invest there. They would rather escape while you face a serious threat and is in dire need for money for family security. 

Be the best judge and head of the family and take wise decisions.

Videos serve as good source for Social Media Marketing, HTML5 video tricks !

HTML5 is the new buzz in browser technology. Companies and websites are moving to latest technologies each day. HTML5 and CSS 3 and latest web version…

First things first, we have a old guinea pig, Google. Why is it that Google is out first pit stop, everyone know and no explanation required. But still some may want to read a piece of my mind. As Google has by far done great deal of analysis and page ranking for companies hosting websites. We need to have a close eye on statistics from Google. A page rank in Google is also decided based on the length of stay for a user on a page. So the longer the stay a user has on a page, a better rank your website page might have. One way you want to do this is host nice videos about the product or service.

According to a study by aimClear in March 2011, more people clicked on video results too. “Videos in universal search results have a 41% higher click through rate than plain text“, said aimClear’s Manny Rivas.

Your question – We were able to see videos before this HTML5 buzz. Yes but most of the users were asked to download Flash Player or some javascript which helped play the video. And many a times users were skeptical on downloading anything from the web. And with new HTML5 you no longer need a Flash Player but your HTML5 player would do it for you. How does HTML5 help you in video marketing.

Stay tuned to hear more on how these technologies can help you grow your reach !

Mindtraps / Attention deficit disorder : Tackle them with simple tricks.

The single most efficient way of doing things better is controlling your mind. In a way where you concentrate in every task. Everything starts from learning and you learn when you read. So the best possible asset you can have is enhance yourself for photographic memory. You read once and you remember. Or you read the entire book like each word pronounced as your name. Wouldn’t that be nice? But there is one problem with most of us, it may not be possible today. From the moment we are born, we are so adorable that everyone around us need our attention. While growing up we were given toys one after another. The moment we have one and start exploring another one is presented and we lose attention. That started training our brain to look at things in parallel. Some learned it to see is as lateral thinking and some got trapped. But yes you can achieve increase concentration through practice today. A good level of physical exercise releases stress and helps you concentrate. You need to sleep well too before you could follow my next set of mind tricks.

It is a known science that we only use part of our brain and not fully utilize it. So why don’t we utilize it to its full efficiency. You need to concentrate before starting your task and have a time limit for it. Let’s say you are listening to radio for next half hour. You need to speak with your subconscious mind and let it be prepared that you cannot have mind traps during that period.

The second point to notice is if you do the task without concentration there is no point in doing it. Even if you are praying to your God and have no ideology that HE is in front of you, watching. He doesn’t need such a prayer. It would be mere waste of time. So why don’t you do it right the first time.

Subconscious mind needs practice and it is not achieved in a day. A habit becomes a habit if the same thing is done over and over again for quite some time. Some scientist say that period is 28 days long for you to have it as habit. And when you have this concentration practice as a habit. Things would come easy on you and you would start developing new tricks to concentrate.

And last but not the least, carry a small piece of paper always along with you. In this tech age, it is easy to carry post it’s, online docs and notes. But there would be times when you would not have access to such media. Probably in the coming age of cloud computing, but at least now a piece of paper would do. You can start writing the mind trap ideas in it. I mean when you are in the middle of some task and you mind in wondering with a new one. Write it on this ‘idea sheet’ for later time. This way you could train your mind that it is probably not the right time for any new ideas. And you have it somewhere in your subconscious mind for later period. You could come back and reinvent the wheel on that one.

These are few and not the least I practice upon. No two minds think alike but we can come to common terms.

Google+ iPhone app now available on iTunes. 1500 users rate average of ⅗.

Google+ app for Android was released earlier. It was awaited on iTunes for close to a month so iUsers can use it. It is now released and is No.1 in the Free Apps list on iTunes. I added Vic Gundotra to my circles as soon as he announced the release. He is head of the Social Media at Google. I immediately searched the app on iTunes search bar. This is what you need to do to get yours. Simply type ‘Google+’ on the search bar. Or you could also see it in the ‘Free Apps’ section.

G+ has an edge over Facebook that users can differentiate between who they want to share their content with. On Facebook what ever you post on your wall it is available to eveyone in your list. But you could restrict the same in G+, which allows you to create ‘Circles’; of friends, family, etc. Basically creating category or group of people who will get the license to your controlled content.

The app also has Huddle, which is a instant group chat feature. It is currently not available on web. The reason I guess could be that G can always have it on their + site. But to have it on their phone, either people need to install the new version or update the. Unlike the Android Google+ app, which has been available since the Google+ launched. The iPhone version still needs ‘Sparks’ and many other under development features.

The app is only available for iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4, and works with iOS 3.1 or higher. The app does not work with either iPad or iPod touch devices.

From what I see, since the time of launch. In one day there were about 1500 users who rated the app averaging 3 on 5. This is hard to tell how many users out of 18 Million(Stats by Paul Allen) G+ users currently have downloaded the app. Hardly a few of the downloads would be rated. But 1500 in a day is still a big number. And it is displayed as no 1 app in Free App category.

– From Orkut, Buzz, FriendConnect to G+ … Can Google impress us this time – MO

Google Malware Alert – I am safe, are you?

As state by Google’s security engineer Damian Menscher in Google’s official blog 

Today is like any other and you open the google search page. And if you see the alert message on it. It means that your computer is affected with malware. Google has noticed that this malware is redirecting unual traffic to its servers. G worked with several companies and its security engineers to figure out why this traffic being sent. Later it came to a conclusion that it is because of the malware. “As a result of this discovery, today some people will see a prominent notification at the top of their Google web search results:”

“This particular malware causes infected computers to send traffic to Google through a small number of intermediary servers called “proxies.” We hope that by taking steps to notify users whose traffic is coming through these proxies, we can help them update their antivirus software and remove the infections”.

– Flowers in the screen shot. But if you see the alert, search for ‘Anti Virus’ – Mo