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Big Data an African Elephant with speed of Cheetah

Today we are dealing with 2.5 quintillion bytes of data, so much so that we created 90% of data in the world today in the last two years. In 2011 alone humans created 1.8 zettabytes of data? That would be equivalent to 200 billion high-definition movies that are at least 120 minutes long. It would take one person 47 million years to watch all those movies. So the data is heavy and we are facing a rat race today. If you want to win the race, you have to be fast in your analytics. The data which was taking 3 weeks earlier should be ready in 10 minutes.


What are the statistics?

  • 150,000 new domains are created each day.
  • 1 hour of High Definition video is uploaded on youtube every second.
  • 12 Terabytes of tweets every day.
  • Millions of credit card transactions each hour.
  • 350 million new queries are crated by users each day to search the same item.

Speed and Agility..

Did you know an African Elephant can weigh about 5000 kg, and a Cheetah can run at top speed of 74 mph? Big Data is about combining both, letting an African Elephant run on I-95 with a speed of Cheetah.


Stop thinking and start implementing…

Big Data is bursting amount of data. That data will gives you immense amount of information. With data that huge, we can draw patterns and predictions. And a company can come up with business strategies from those predictions. If you need to stand out in the crowd you have to start implementing Big Data Analytics.


Insight with Google Hangouts – Why I anticipate to be fail series?

Google wants to do everything on the web. Just because you are really good at something doesn’t mean you are best in everything. I understand you wrote real good code to search the web. But there are better people out there for everything else. Facebook has its story around socializing and Google failed to come up with better site. They failed in Orkut, Buzz, Friend Connect and Wave as to name a few.

What – is Google Hangouts? Lets just deep dive into google plus product, handouts.

-With Hangouts, the unplanned meet-up comes to the web for the first time. Let specific buddies (or entire circles) know you’re hanging out and then see who drops by for a face-to-face-to-face chat. Until teleportation arrives, it’s the next best thing. – Google Plus

I want to hangout now and I post it on plus. What is the probability that the limited friends I have will be online and how many would actually like to hangout with me? It would be great if I can also schedule a time for hangout and have it on the wall post. So my friends are aware that I have something important to share or just hangout for the heck of it. Then it would not be an unplanned event as google calls it. I am sure you would allow specific buddies of mine or entire circle to join the hangout. But please have a check if the attendee wants to invite someone, the host permission is required.

For an unplanned meet-up on Hangouts, if I am Lady Gaga or Steve Jobs would make sense. As I would be having million fans. And some of them or all of them in that limited online bucket would hangout with me to hear what I have to say. But then I would like to through up a video of mine alone. I don’t need to see who is who and get their glimpse. It would be more of saying hello to fans or showing my newest invention.

I am almost certain that google is planning for mobility of hangouts. You better have an app of hangouts on iPhone and Android. If I am a Queens NY college going kid, I would get my gadget ip and ping my circle. “Someone pick me up while you are on your way to school as I have a flat tire”. Well I guess this is what it means by unplanned meet-up, doesn’t it?

If you are a startup firm then you will find it helpful. You can schedule a video conference with your team. You obviously would not want to go with companies who charge you. But to certain extend you would get something for free in those companies. Like a one on one video chat on Skype. And you can also hunt for many free services online. As a startup I would think again!

‘Facebook announced that it partnered with Skype to allow group chats – news.cnet, July 6, 2011’

Hmm, Google Plus has not yet opened doors for all. It is still in beta and Facebook has 750 million active users. It would be just another day after weekend for Facebook. Mondays are really long and so will be Skype on Facebook. But all Mondays shed their light away for another day to come. And will Facebook handle the traffic of users group chatting with help of Skype.

‘Hangouts need to Google more for better product – Mo Ansari’

Get invested with tiny plans – you have 10 seconds to have him interested!

Not long ago I socialized with an aspiring entrepreneur after a tech event. Here is his story. He worked for a fortune 100 firm for close to three years. He then decided to put down his papers. And I asked him the reason behind such a strong step. As moving out of a large organizations takes a lot of guts. He pointed out that he just couldn’t do it, have dreams and work for a living at the same time. It was time that he quit and start thinking on what he should do that he loves doing. And I don’t suggest everyone to do the same. Just taking a bold step is not the right ingredient for a delicacy. As to his part, he had already come up with a set of ideas and knew the direction he was going. He said to get the venture capitalist money having a beta version is first step. None will invest in your ideas if they don’t see growth in it. And I agree with him here.

The first raw sculpture is to be carved from the big rock, from the big idea. You have to be quick and witty in changing your plans from what you think is right to what customer see is correct. Get your business to a point where you see potential buyers and not regular users. Customers will pay for your service if you really help solve or ease their issue of today. It need not be a real trouble, it may only be speeding up the present process. After all speed is what we need!!

-A lot of people thought Steve Jobs was a CEO of Apple but he never was until he came back to Apple in 1997
Andy Hertzfeld

It wouldn’t have been possible for Steve Jobs to reclaim his seat unless he changed his ideas rigorously. And then he found his customers who are ready to pay for what he supplied.

Now you have the customers and not just free users as I call it. You need that little sheet of paper with entire business on one side. Humongous business plans are only good in Madagascar movie. But in a real life elevator you have mere 10 seconds! Don’t spend 3 months for hundred page plan and no beta. Generate facts based on your research and initial development. Show the target investor what you make and the future prospect of the business. Facts are always appealing than hypothesis. If you have him interested in 10 seconds elevator journey. You will have him throughout the journey of the business.

If you are seeking someone to invest in your ideas, it suggests the investor is busier than you are. The investor is of course making more money than you. And for sure he has better things to do rather than looking at more hypothesis. Rather show him the web site income statement. Show him your business website hits and the traffic. A reference to someone you know and is a good friend of his. All he needs is security and credibility for you and your business.

And finally trusting your ideas is most important aspect. It is more valuable than the product itself that you build. Because when you talk with confidence and trust in yourself, it shows in your eyes. When you have all of these you will also have his appointment by the elevator door opens.