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Videos serve as good source for Social Media Marketing, HTML5 video tricks !

HTML5 is the new buzz in browser technology. Companies and websites are moving to latest technologies each day. HTML5 and CSS 3 and latest web version…

First things first, we have a old guinea pig, Google. Why is it that Google is out first pit stop, everyone know and no explanation required. But still some may want to read a piece of my mind. As Google has by far done great deal of analysis and page ranking for companies hosting websites. We need to have a close eye on statistics from Google. A page rank in Google is also decided based on the length of stay for a user on a page. So the longer the stay a user has on a page, a better rank your website page might have. One way you want to do this is host nice videos about the product or service.

According to a study by aimClear in March 2011, more people clicked on video results too. “Videos in universal search results have a 41% higher click through rate than plain text“, said aimClear’s Manny Rivas.

Your question – We were able to see videos before this HTML5 buzz. Yes but most of the users were asked to download Flash Player or some javascript which helped play the video. And many a times users were skeptical on downloading anything from the web. And with new HTML5 you no longer need a Flash Player but your HTML5 player would do it for you. How does HTML5 help you in video marketing.

Stay tuned to hear more on how these technologies can help you grow your reach !


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