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Mindtraps / Attention deficit disorder : Tackle them with simple tricks.

The single most efficient way of doing things better is controlling your mind. In a way where you concentrate in every task. Everything starts from learning and you learn when you read. So the best possible asset you can have is enhance yourself for photographic memory. You read once and you remember. Or you read the entire book like each word pronounced as your name. Wouldn’t that be nice? But there is one problem with most of us, it may not be possible today. From the moment we are born, we are so adorable that everyone around us need our attention. While growing up we were given toys one after another. The moment we have one and start exploring another one is presented and we lose attention. That started training our brain to look at things in parallel. Some learned it to see is as lateral thinking and some got trapped. But yes you can achieve increase concentration through practice today. A good level of physical exercise releases stress and helps you concentrate. You need to sleep well too before you could follow my next set of mind tricks.

It is a known science that we only use part of our brain and not fully utilize it. So why don’t we utilize it to its full efficiency. You need to concentrate before starting your task and have a time limit for it. Let’s say you are listening to radio for next half hour. You need to speak with your subconscious mind and let it be prepared that you cannot have mind traps during that period.

The second point to notice is if you do the task without concentration there is no point in doing it. Even if you are praying to your God and have no ideology that HE is in front of you, watching. He doesn’t need such a prayer. It would be mere waste of time. So why don’t you do it right the first time.

Subconscious mind needs practice and it is not achieved in a day. A habit becomes a habit if the same thing is done over and over again for quite some time. Some scientist say that period is 28 days long for you to have it as habit. And when you have this concentration practice as a habit. Things would come easy on you and you would start developing new tricks to concentrate.

And last but not the least, carry a small piece of paper always along with you. In this tech age, it is easy to carry post it’s, online docs and notes. But there would be times when you would not have access to such media. Probably in the coming age of cloud computing, but at least now a piece of paper would do. You can start writing the mind trap ideas in it. I mean when you are in the middle of some task and you mind in wondering with a new one. Write it on this ‘idea sheet’ for later time. This way you could train your mind that it is probably not the right time for any new ideas. And you have it somewhere in your subconscious mind for later period. You could come back and reinvent the wheel on that one.

These are few and not the least I practice upon. No two minds think alike but we can come to common terms.


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