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For a cause : Aid the famine hit East Africa

Everyone is in a hurry, but did we stumble upon the news today to see East Africa’s despair? Husein Momin, a 3-years-old malnourished child from southern Somalia sit on bed at Banadir hospital, Mogadishu, Somalia, Tuesday, July 26, 2011, after fleeing from southern Somalia. The U.N. will airlift emergency rations this week to parts of drought-ravaged Somalia that militants banned it from more than two years ago _ a crisis intervention to keep hungry refugees from dying along what an official calls the “roads of death.” The foray into the famine zone is a desperate attempt to reach at least 175,000 of the 2.2 million Somalis whom aid workers have not yet been able to help. Tens of thousands already have trekked to neighboring Kenya and Ethiopia, hoping to get aid in refugee camps. (AP Photo/Farah Abdi Warsameh, Yahoo News)


In the displaced camps of Mogadishu, field hospitals of doctors in the town of Dadaab and at the Banadir hospital many more are waiting for rations. The U.N is airlifting rations to parts of Somalia this week. The authorities have said if the right aid is not supplied to famine hit East Africa, it would be five times more worst by Christmas this year.

Lets look at some statistics and figure if we can ACTUALLY help them with a meal. Who claims to be the most powerful country in the world today? You guessed it right, USA. And people of the country make it powerful. Most of us are aware of the population of US.

And you would be amazed with the next statistics. Per capita is referred to per head or per person. And 99% US citizens I met were very humble, trustworthy and true to their dealings. There is absolutely no doubt in people losing jobs and claiming unemployment benefit. But just see how much more money they have to dispose.

On the other end of the world, India is seen to waste tons of grains. In Feb, 2009 it wasted one lakh(hundred thousand) metric tons of wheat. Last month, 2011 the wheat bags were lying on the railway stations for rats. The excuse Indian Government has in return is it has no place to store that huge pile of grain. I am sure some of it is still lying somewhere without anyone’s attention. Can someone guide me to the right person so I can collect it for famine hit East Africa. Also please help me connect with U.N and World Food Program and others. Citizens of US, India and all other big nations. I urge you to follow this cause on Twitter @a_cause. At least make people aware…

– The least you could do is feel sad about the present state of ‘We The Humans’ – Mo


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