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Google+ iPhone app now available on iTunes. 1500 users rate average of ⅗.

Google+ app for Android was released earlier. It was awaited on iTunes for close to a month so iUsers can use it. It is now released and is No.1 in the Free Apps list on iTunes. I added Vic Gundotra to my circles as soon as he announced the release. He is head of the Social Media at Google. I immediately searched the app on iTunes search bar. This is what you need to do to get yours. Simply type ‘Google+’ on the search bar. Or you could also see it in the ‘Free Apps’ section.

G+ has an edge over Facebook that users can differentiate between who they want to share their content with. On Facebook what ever you post on your wall it is available to eveyone in your list. But you could restrict the same in G+, which allows you to create ‘Circles’; of friends, family, etc. Basically creating category or group of people who will get the license to your controlled content.

The app also has Huddle, which is a instant group chat feature. It is currently not available on web. The reason I guess could be that G can always have it on their + site. But to have it on their phone, either people need to install the new version or update the. Unlike the Android Google+ app, which has been available since the Google+ launched. The iPhone version still needs ‘Sparks’ and many other under development features.

The app is only available for iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4, and works with iOS 3.1 or higher. The app does not work with either iPad or iPod touch devices.

From what I see, since the time of launch. In one day there were about 1500 users who rated the app averaging 3 on 5. This is hard to tell how many users out of 18 Million(Stats by Paul Allen) G+ users currently have downloaded the app. Hardly a few of the downloads would be rated. But 1500 in a day is still a big number. And it is displayed as no 1 app in Free App category.

– From Orkut, Buzz, FriendConnect to G+ … Can Google impress us this time – MO


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